In Episode 2, we have a ride with Dee W Ieye, the famous drag queen Tupperware host!  I met Dee a few years ago, and realized that despite having literally dozens of friends in common in Los Angeles, we happened to miss each other in the 10 years we mutually lived in La La Land.

In this episode, we not only talk about a bunch of goofy shit, we also visit Dee's favorite bakery and salon.  Enjoy!

In Episode 1, we proudly showcase the amazing Jordan Kirk and The Smoking Section!  Join us in the pre-interview where we cruise the side streets of Clintonville, Ohio.  We then shoot a beautiful music video of Jordan's song Take Me of his album Abundant Sunshine.  Then the infamous Johnny Go Review at the end!

In this teaser, Keida attempts to interview Christine Cooper and Jim Coe, at an opening at The Columbus Museum Of Art.  The interview goes awry from the getgo, when Keida begins by driving the wrong way down a one-way street.  Then as Keida was shopping for refreshments at a convenience store, Christine's mother rings, raining on her parade!

In this teaser, Keida and Atticus try desperately to lure unsuspecting patrons of The Columbus Museum Of Art into Big Blue, the Cadillac for a ride.  It is part of Keida's exhibition at the museum, but the two have a horrible time finding the right delivery.  Little did they know, a very well known beat box artist and his girlfriend co-artist were open to a ride, surprising Keida with an impromptu set!

In this teaser, Keida has a few words with Columbus legend, the curmudgeonly street urchin Johnny Go Go from House Of Records on High Street in the heart of the OSU campus.


The unfortunately timed low-point of the show is a critique of Scott Weiland's unbelievably horrible cover of  "I'll Be Home For Christmas", which you should miss if you can.